Batch Convert Text to Wav File (Command-Line Supported)
Batch Convert Text to WAV File?
TextSound can do it easily!
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Batch Convert Text to WAV File

You can batch convert text to wav file using TextSound, the text-to-speech file converter for Windows (both Windows and Command-Line editions included).

Step 1 - Add text files to TextSound's Conversion List

Just drag-and-drop your text files onto TextSound's Conversion List. See Figure 1.

You can also click the Add button to browse one or more text files using a standard Open dialog box.

Step 2 - Edit conversion properties (optional)

Select one or more conversions from the Conversion List, and then click the Edit button. See Figure 2.

You can specify the output locations, text-to-speech voices, speeds, pitches and volumes for the selected conversions.

Step 3 - Convert text to wav files like the wind!

Click the "Convert!" button to perform the selected conversions. If no conversion is selected, TextSound will perform all conversions. See Figure 3.

The converting process works like the wind!

Step 4 - Listen to your wav file!

Select a conversion, and then click the Preview button. TextSound will launch your default audio player to play the generated wav file. Enjoy your WAV creation!

Tip: You can also adjust the wav file creating speed (Real-Time Writing Speed) to your PC's best performance possible! Just click Preferences from the Options menu, you will be able to adjust the Real-Time Writing Speed. See Figure 4.

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