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"The online broadcasting channels and the wave wizard work pretty well.
I like your new version of CoolSpeech." - Sean  More Comments...
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Users' Comments

CoolSpeech Users' Comments since May 27, 2001    See also Awards!

"The online broadcasting channels and the wave wizard work pretty well. I like your new version of CoolSpeech." - Sean, May 27, 2001

"It looks really good. Especially the capabilities to read directly from web site and email from server are definitely excellent ideas. Thanks for the great product." - Doji, June 1, 2001

"Cool tool - It is very useful tool to make use of. I can memorize certain things very easily by hearing the documents again and again." - CNET User, August 23, 2001

"Well made software. If you're tired of reading every webpage on the net, then get this. It will do it for you!" - CNET User, August 15, 2001

"Entertaining! It's so cool my younger brother loves it. I find it great for my schoolwork!" - Matthew Wicks, September 26, 2001

"Best for Language Learning - Revolutionary tool for mastering your listening comprehension." - CNET User, August 7, 2001

"Great program! Very useful and easy to use. I can't believe it's under $30!" - David Halls (ZDNet User), June 8, 2001

"It is a practical way to listen/learn the pronunciation of English words/phrases, as English isn't my mother tongue." - Gonzalo Pliego V, June 2, 2001

"I convert the chapters of the books to text format, and use CoolSpeech to read them aloud while lying on my bed beside the PC." - Brian Tozer, June 8, 2001

"This is one of the best programs that I have ever purchased. Thanks." - E.Z, June 18, 2001

"CoolSpeech is a functional and very well designed text-to-speech utility that works in a number of ways." - Nick Smith, July 13, 2001

"CoolSpeech is a fantastic program and earns a five star rating." - David Burzynski, August 8, 2001

"CoolSpeech has the capability of checking email and reading it aloud, or going to a website and reading specific text from it. I know some of you use a dial-up to record voice time and temperature, but I am having the program go out to a local news website, and read the most recent forecast off of the web. I've got it working great with one local weather site.

Also, I setup an additional email account with my ISP to be used only for automation. I have Stargate launch CoolSpeech to check for messages on this account between 7am-10am, and 6pm-10pm when there is motion in the Master Bedroom (ie we're awake, home, etc). It then reads the messages over the speaker system. A couple uses: Sending reminders (it doesn't delete the message from the ISP), signing up for mail-lists that send weather updates, or news that is of interest, etc." - Tom, September 8, 2001

"CoolSpeech is excellent! One can prepare well for the listening sections of the GRE using this S/W." - Jeevan, October 25, 2001

"We chose CoolSpeech as our Smart Choice because it provides the best speech quality overall." - Cal Clinchard @ SmartComputing Magazine, October 14, 2001

"Works Very Well - Installs and begins with no trouble at all. Flows with ease -and is such a breeze. Handsome design too. Not cheesy lookin'. Open and just start typin'. It repeats each word or sentence aloud as you type. You can open other documents and it plays 'em like a CD. Cool and as smooth as you can get. Couldn't ask for much more sweeter." - CNET User, January 26, 2002

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See also Awards!

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