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Online Help: Configuring Preferences

You can configure TextSound's Preferences by choosing Preferences from the Options menu. These settings include:

  • Default Output Location for New Conversions: This option indicates the default output location for future conversions. If you choose In the same folder as the text file, future conversions will use their respective text file folders as their initial output locations. If you choose In the specified "Favorite Sound Folder", future conversions will use the Favorite Sound Folder as their initial output locations.
  • Favorite Sound Folder: This option indicates the Favorite Sound Folder. The Favorite Sound Folder is used as an optional output location for conversions. You can type a folder directly in the Favorite Sound Folder field, or click the Browse button to specify a folder using a standard Browse Folder dialog box.
  • Default Voice for New Conversions: This option indicates the initial text-to-speech voice for future conversions. You can choose the voice name from a list of text-to-speech voices installed on your computer.
  • Real-Time Writing Speed: This option indicates how quickly the text-to-speech engine writes to disk. For example, if you enter "8" then the text-to-speech audio is written out at 8-times the time it takes to speak. The value ranges between 1x and 255x, and the default value is 10x. Increasing this value will speed up the converting process, but will also use more CPU time. If you want to increase this value, it is recommended that you increase it gradually. You may also consider running TextSound under Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows XP for smoother multitasking and better performance.

Note: The settings in the Preferences dialog box will apply to future conversions only (except for the Favorite Sound Folder setting). To modify existing conversions' properties, you can use the Edit button.

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