Convert Text to Wav File
Convert Text to WAV File using
CoolSpeech or TextSound!
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Convert Text to WAV File

CoolSpeech's WAV Wizard provides a basic text-to-wave conversion feature. If you want to batch convert text files to audio files and use more professional options, it is strongly recommended that you evaluate another ByteCool software product, TextSound!

First of all, make sure that you have downloaded CoolSpeech.

Step 1 - Open "CoolSpeech WAV Wizard"

Choose WAV Wizard from CoolSpeech's File menu.

Step 2 - Select the voice, filename and writing speed

Voice: This is the voice CoolSpeech uses to generate the sounds;

File: This is your WAV output filename. You can click the Browse button to select a folder;

Speed: This effects how quickly the text-to-speech engine writes to disk. If you select "8x" then the text-to-speech audio is written out at 8-times the time it takes to speak.

Click Next to continue.

Step 3 - Put your text into WAV Wizard

Just enter or paste your text into the text box. Click Save to let CoolSpeech start writing the WAV file. When it finishes writing, click Finish to exit WAV Wizard.

Step 4 - Listen to your WAV file!

Just double-click the newly created WAV file to enjoy your WAV creation!

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