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Download TextSound 2.0

TextSound is 2.0MB. It takes you only 4 minutes to download with a 56K modem.

Download Now:

Download TextSound from Download.com (or from Softpedia or our site)


The shareware version gives 50 free conversions for your evaluation. For the full version, just click here to make a secure online purchase! The registration fee is only $29.95. You will receive your registration information immediately. For more ordering information, click here.

The download program file initially comes with one voice, Peter, a male in American English. Several additional English voices and other languages are available for free download. TextSound supports 51 voices from Microsoft and L&H, and a number of other voices from IBM, Elan, Digalo, Eloquent, etc.

While you are downloading:

Check out another ByteCool software product CoolSpeech, which lets you experience the wonderful text-to-speech technologies in many ways.

See Our User Comments and Awards We've Won.

Read the online version of the TextSound Help File, our Frequently Asked Questions, and our Online Tutorials which provide solutions to common tasks, such as How to Enter My Registration Code.

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Buy TextSound 2.0 Now! (Only $29.95!)

"We chose CoolSpeech as our Smart Choice because it provides the best speech quality overall." - Cal Clinchard @ SmartComputing Magazine.  More Comments
ByteCool Customer Service: support@bytecool.com
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