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"The online broadcasting channels and the wave wizard work pretty well.
I like your new version of CoolSpeech." - Sean  More Comments...
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Online Documents for ByteCool Products

Online Help documents for CoolSpeech:

What is CoolSpeech?

Reading Documents

Using Real-time Speech

Using Clipboard Speech

Using Scheduled Speech

Listening to Online News

Listening to Emails

Using Time-Teller

Setting Speech Properties

Using WAV Wizard

Setting Options

Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing CoolSpeech

Online Help documents for TextSound:

What is TextSound?

Adding Conversions

Editing Conversions

Removing Conversions

Changing Output Formats

Configuring Preferences

Opening/Saving Lists

Previewing Sounds

Installing More Voices

TextSound Command-Line Edition

Purchasing TextSound

Getting More Help

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