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Online Help: Listening to Emails

WARNING: It is recommended that you use the Email Speech feature on your HOME PC. If you use it on a public PC, remember to delete your email passwords when you leave.

The Email Speech feature is integrated with the Scheduled Speech system too. It will read your new messages from your POP3 servers automatically. It won't delete emails from your accounts, so you can use Outlook Express to process these emails later.

To add your email account for CoolSpeech to read, click the Add () button to add a new scheduled speech, then click the Email Reader () button. Fill in the following fields to configure your account information:

Email address: Enter your email address here. For example,

POP3 server: Enter your incoming mail server (POP3) here. It is usually something like If you don't know your POP3 server, please contact your Mail Administrator for help.

Port: Enter the port of your POP3 server here. It is usually 110.

User name: Enter your user name for this account. It is usually the first part of your email address ("yourname").

Password: Enter your password for this account. If you're using CoolSpeech on a public computer, please remember to delete this when you leave in order to protect your passwords.

Also read message bodies: By default, CoolSpeech will only read the Subject and From of an email. If you want CoolSpeech to read the message body as well, make this option checked.

So, when you double-click a scheduled speech including your email information, or when its scheduled time is up, CoolSpeech will connect to your mail server to check new emails. If there is one or more new messages, CoolSpeech will read them one by one, otherwise it will say "You have got no new message."

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