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Online Help: Changing Output Formats

With TextSound, you can produce audio files in different formats, such as the wave format for burning audio CDs, the wave format for telephones, the wave format for radios, and different MP3 formats. The number of formats TextSound can support is dependent on the audio CODECs (COmpressors or DECompressors) installed in your Windows. Windows comes with some basic CODECs like the WAVE CODEC and the MP3 CODEC. You can also download more CODECs from the Internet and install them at any time.

To see the audio formats supported by your Windows,
choose Output Format from TextSound's Options menu. You can configure the audio format you want to use using this dialog box. Once configured, TextSound and its command-line edition will produce audio files in the selected format. Commonly used formats are:

  • The wave format for burning audio CDs: PCM, 44.100 kHz, 16 Bits, Stereo, 172 KB/sec
  • The wave format for telephones: PCM, 11.025 kHz, 8 Bits, Mono, 10 KB/sec
  • The wave format for radios: PCM, 22.050 kHz, 8 Bits, Mono, 21 KB/sec
  • The MP3 format: 56 kBits/s, 24,000 Hz, Stereo, 6 KB/sec

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I produce audio files in the Windows Media format (.wma) with TextSound?
A: Not every audio format listed can work. The Windows Media format is an example. It doesn't allow you to create Windows Media files using CODECs, because it introduces some technologies such as the Rights Management technology.

Why can't I produce audio files in the MP3 format?
A: If you are using Windows 95, the MP3 CODEC may not come with Windows. You can download it from the Internet manually. If you have Windows 98 (or higher), or Internet Explorer 4.0 (or higher), or the latest version of Windows Media Player, the MP3 CODEC should be already installed.

Why can't I produce MP3 files in 128 kBits/sec?
A: The default MP3 CODEC installed in your Windows may support only up to 56 kBits/sec. If you want to produce MP3 files in up 128 kBits/sec, you should purchase an "MP3 CODEC Professional Edition" (l3codecp.exe) from Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the inventors of the MP3 format.

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