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Online Help: Listening to Online News

Have you ever used RealPlayer or Microsoft MediaPlayer to listen to online news? CoolSpeech can do it too, and do it better!

How does it work?

When you double-click a scheduled speech or when its scheduled time is up, CoolSpeech will try to connect to the Internet and receive text from that address. When receiving is completed, CoolSpeech will start to read it aloud. We call a scheduled speech including a URL a "channel". There are some sample channels in the scheduled speech list. You can listen to them immediately by double-clicking them! (If you're using an HTTP proxy server, remember to configure it by choosing the Options command from the View menu, and clicking the Misc tab).

How can I get more channels?

You can get more channels from our website easily. There is a "Channel Guide" on our website intended to collect interesting channels. You can visit it by choosing the Channel Guide command from the Tools menu. You can use the Import List and Export List commands from the Schedule menu to download new channel list or share your channels with your friends.

How can I create my own channels?

To create your own channels is an exciting thing! So you can listen to your favorite news sites, your local weather forecast website, the share index you're interested, or anything else you want!

To create your own channel, click the Add () button to add a scheduled speech. Enter or paste the URL you would like to listen to in the Address field. You can also configure the scheduling options. So far, you have created a simple channel!

Double-click the new channel you created, CoolSpeech will receive text from that URL and play it immediately. It will read the WHOLE webpage now.

How can I listen to the exact paragraphs I would like to listen to?

In the previous step, you can listen to the WHOLE webpage. But usually many websites do not only display what you want to listen to, but also display navigation menus, advertisements or something else you don't like to listen to. In that case, you can use the Text Picker () to select part of text you would like to listen to: Just select your newly-created channel, then click the Edit () button, then click the Text Picker () button, you will be asked for a "Leading keyword" and a "Trailing keyword". To get your leading keyword and trailing keyword, please open your Internet Explorer and navigate to that URL. When the webpage is completely loaded, please choose the Save As command from IE's File menu. Then click the Save as Type drop-down list and choose Text file (*.txt). Specify a filename and click the Save button to save the current webpage as a text file. Use Notepad to open the text file you have just saved, and find out a pair of keywords that indicate the leading and trailing positions of the text you would like to hear out of the whole text. For example:

Suppose the content of your text file is:

News | Products | Downloads | Buy Now | Support

Headlines - June 1, 2001

CoolSpeech 4 is released today!

Users now can listen to any website with a double-click!

More News...

Copyright (C) 2001 by ByteCool Software Inc. All rights reserved.

In this file, suppose the content you would like to listen to is underlined. You can use the word "Headlines" as the leading keyword, and set this leading keyword to be included in the speech. You can also use the word "Support" as the leading keyword, but set this leading keyword not to be included in the speech. You cannot use the phrase "Headlines - June 1, 2001" as the leading keyword, because "June 1, 2001" will be changed after the webmaster updated this webpage. You cannot use the time, the news itself, or advertisements as your keywords because they're not "constant" and they will be replaced with new contents after the webpage is updated. You can use some words like "Headlines", "Top News" or the navigation menu title "Support" as your keywords because they will not be changed after the webpage is updated. The rules of selecting the leading keyword can also apply to selecting the trailing keyword. You can use the phrase "More News..." as your trailing keyword but set it "not to be included in the speech". You cannot use the word "double-click!" as the trailing keyword because this word is part of the news itself. It won't exist after the news section is updated.

When you have chosen your leading and trailing keywords, fill them in the Text Picker. So far, CoolSpeech will only read the exact content you want to listen to.

NOTE: The leading and trailing keywords are case-sensitive.

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