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Online Help: Reading Documents

You can let CoolSpeech read your documents easily. CoolSpeech has a built-in "Notepad"; you can create, open and save text files with it. It supports three of the most common text formats: TXT, RTF and HTML. Notepad supports TXT, Windows Wordpad and Microsoft Word support RTF, and Internet Explorer supports HTML.

To create, open or save a text file, click the New (), Open () or Save () button on the tool bar, or select the corresponding command from the File menu.

To read the whole text file, click the Play () button or select the Play command from the Speech menu without selecting any text;

To read the selected text, first select a piece of text, then click the Play () button or select the Play command from the Speech menu.

To pause reading, click the Pause () button or select the Pause command from the Speech menu.

To stop reading, click the Stop button or select the Stop () command from the Speech menu.

To rewind or fast forward, click the Rewind () or Fast Forward () button, or select the corresponding command from the Speech menu. Rewind will make CoolSpeech read the previous sentence, and Fast Forward will read the next. Sometimes Fast Forward is not available because CoolSpeech has not buffered enough text.

To change the voice, speed, pitch or volume for reading, see the topic Setting Speech Properties ().

Tips: You can have CoolSpeech read your text documents directly from Windows Explorer! Just right-click your file in Windows Explorer, choose the Read Aloud command from the popup menu, and CoolSpeech will read this file for you in the background. You can also drag and drop a text document onto CoolSpeech's main window. CoolSpeech will open it automatically.

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