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Online Help: Using Real-time Speech

Real-time Speech will read out every word or sentence you've just typed. To activate this feature, make sure the Real-time Speech command from the Tools menu is checked.

Real-time Speech takes effect wherever. That is, it works with Notepad, Microsoft Word, text boxes on the web pages, the DOS window, and wherever typing is allowed.

Real-time Speech has three styles: WORD, SENTENCE and CUSTOM. You can choose one of them, by selecting the Options command from the View menu.

The WORD style reads any word you've just typed. That is, when you've typed a word, and press SPACEBAR or ENTER key, this word will be read out immediately.

The SENTENCE style reads any sentence/phrase you've just typed. That is, when you've typed a sentence ending with a comma(,), period(.), semicolon(;), exclamation mark(!), quotation mark("), single quotation mark('), question mark(?) or colon(:), then press SPACEBAR or ENTER key, this sentence will be read out immediately. But whenever you press ENTER key, the text you've typed will be read out unconditionally.

The CUSTOM style allows you to customize the conditions which indicate when CoolSpeech should read out the text you've typed. You can add, edit or remove conditions in the Options dialog box. CoolSpeech will start reading when the last word you've typed is ending with one of these conditions. The default conditions take the same effect as the SENTENCE style, and you can reset them for your own special request.

NOTE: Real-time Speech may be terminated when you press CTRL+ALT+DEL, and will not take effect any more until you restart CoolSpeech, because CTRL+ALT+DEL is a special key combination, which can't be detected by applications. To avoid encountering this, enter "taskmgr" (for Windows 2000/NT/XP) or "taskman" (for Windows 95/98) in the Run Command from the Start Menu instead of pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL.

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