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Online Help: Using Scheduled Speech

Scheduled Speech will read the specified text file, URL or email account at specified time or anytime you choose the Run Now command (double-click as a shortcut). To activate this feature, make sure the Scheduled Speech command from the Tools menu is checked.

To add a scheduled speech: click the Add () button on the tool bar or choose the Add command from the Schedule menu, or right-click the scheduled list and choose the Add command from the popup menu, or press Insert key while the scheduled list has focus. Fill in the following fields in order to complete a new speech:

Title: specify a name to identify the speech. Different speeches must have different titles.

Address: specify a text file/URL/email account that will be read at the scheduled time. Click the Browse () button or press CTRL+O to select a file, or fill in the address directly.

Frequency: specify how often the speech is performed. (Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly)

Time: specify what time the speech will be performed.

Day, Date, Month: specify on which day, date or month the speech will be performed.

When a speech is added, you can re-edit, rename, remove or run it now by choosing the Edit, Rename, Remove or Run Now command from the Schedule menu.

To make sure a speech will be performed at the scheduled time, you also need to see whether the check box in front of the speech title is checked.

Here is an example of scheduled speech (for local files):

1. Create a text file, enter "Happy Birthday to you!" then save it. (Suppose the file name is BIRTHDAY.TXT)

2. Click the Add button, enter "Birthday" as Title, enter "BIRTHDAY.TXT" as Address (include the full path if necessary); choose "Yearly" as Frequency, set Time as 20:00, set Date and Month as your birthday.

3. Click the OK button to save your settings.

So, at 20:00 on your birthday every year, CoolSpeech will say "Happy Birth Day to you!"


If you want CoolSpeech to tell the time hourly or half-hourly, use Time-teller instead. See the topic "Using Time-teller".

When the scheduled list has focus, pressing Insert, Enter, F2 or Delete key will add, re-edit, rename or remove a scheduled speech.

You can backup and restore the scheduled list by choosing the Export List or Import List command from the Schedule menu.

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