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Online Help: What is CoolSpeech?

Welcome to CoolSpeech, the text-to-speech player for Windows! It empowers users to experience the wonderful text-to-speech technologies in many ways:

Listen to online news from any URL you specified!  Learn More...
Convert your text into spoken WAV files easily!  Learn More...
Listen to your new messages from your email accounts!  Learn More...
Read your text files, rich-text files and HTML files aloud for you!  Learn More...
Listen to every word or sentence you've just typed!  Learn More...
Listen to the text copied to the Clipboard immediately!  Learn More...
Schedule files, URLs and emails to be read aloud!  Learn More...
Tell the time and the date in different styles!  Learn More...
Support almost all computer voices nowadays!  Learn More...
Many more funny and useful features!  Learn More...

A Closer Look

Have you ever used RealPlayer or Microsoft MediaPlayer to listen to online news? CoolSpeech can do it too, and do it better! CoolSpeech comes with some default news channels and you can listen to them immediately with a double-click! CoolSpeech will receive text from channels automatically and read them aloud like a radio receiver! You can also download and install the up-to-date channel list from our website, or create you own channels easily!

When you are writing an email, or having a chat with your friends on the Internet, CoolSpeech will read what you've just typed immediately, so spelling/typing mistakes will decrease, your words will be more readable, and the chat will be livelier!

If you are writing something with Microsoft Word, or if you are a programmer, writing boring C++ code day and night, CoolSpeech will help you make your masterwork more readable, and you will be very confident and more productive while doing these jobs. CoolSpeech can read every word you've just typed, or you can make it read every sentence but not word. You can even specify some particular symbols, which indicate when CoolSpeech should start reading.

When you are surfing on the Internet, found some interesting news or articles, or received an email, but have no time to read them through, you can copy them to Windows Clipboard and CoolSpeech will start to read them automatically while you're dealing with other applications. The new version 4.0 can also check your new emails at scheduled time and read them aloud automatically!

CoolSpeech has an internal Notepad, which allows you to open and save text files. You can let CoolSpeech read the text file in whole, or in part, by selecting the text to be read. You can even have CoolSpeech read your files directly from Windows Explorer or command-line!

CoolSpeech can convert your text into spoken WAV files. WAV files can be widely used. For example, you can add them to your homepage, HTML-format emails, presentations, Software, mix them with other WAVs, burn them into CDs, or convert them into MP3s if necessary.

CoolSpeech can also tell the time and date. You can customize the telling styles and choose your favorite time format (12- or 24-hour). Telling time hourly or half-hourly will help you do everything on time.

CoolSpeech can also perform scheduled readings. It will read a local text file, URL or email account you specified at scheduled time. So it can remind you something like an important meeting, become your alternative "virtual radio receiver"! You can schedule the speech to be performed daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

For details about these exciting features, click each topic on the left and learn more!

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