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"The online broadcasting channels and the wave wizard work pretty well.
I like your new version of CoolSpeech." - Sean  More Comments...
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What's New in CoolSpeech 5.0?

CoolSpeech 5.0 is very easy-to-use. There are some sample channels inside for you to listen to immediately! You can also press F1 to get help at any time.

If You Are a New User:

1) Click the Speech Properties () button to select your favorite computer voice and configure your comfortable voice speed.
2) Choose the Options command from the View menu, then click the Misc tab and configure your HTTP proxy if necessary.

All Users:

Channel Update is removed: The Channel Update dialog box is removed. To get the latest CoolSpeech channels, please visit the Channel Guide page on our website.

Highlight Play: CoolSpeech can read the current document in the Highlight Play mode. In this mode, every word that is being read is highlighted. Choose Highlight Play from the Speech menu to do this.

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