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Online Help: What is TextSound?

Welcome to TextSound, the text-to-speech file converter! You can batch convert your text documents to spoken audio files using TextSound Windows Edition or Command-Line Edition. So you can:

  • Listen to documents, e-mails or web pages downloaded over the Internet using your audio player.
  • Burn your e-books or speeches onto audio CDs and listen to them on regular stereo and car CD players.
  • Use spoken audio files as background sounds on your website, presentations or personalized e-mails.
  • Add spoken audio to your music creation as a special effect.
  • TextSound Command-Line Edition lets advanced users integrate speech synthesis with their projects.

Note: In TextSound 2.0, plain text files (.TXT) and Windows PCM files (.WAV) are supported. Later versions will support more text and audio formats.

TextSound comes with two editions: TextSound Windows Edition and TextSound Command-Line Edition.

The Windows Edition is extremely easy to use! It has an intuitive interface. To add some text files for conversion, just drag and drop them from Windows Explorer onto TextSound, or click Add to use the standard Open dialog box. You can even select one or more text files in Windows Explorer, and choose "Convert to Audio Files..." from the right-click menu to launch TextSound with these files added. The main TextSound window features a list with the names, output locations, properties and statuses of all conversions. This list can be scrolled and sorted on any field. A tool bar provides fast access to commonly used actions. You can edit one or more conversions' properties (text-to-speech voice, output location, speed, pitch and volume) at once by selecting them and clicking Edit. You can specify the audio file creating speed and initial properties for all the new conversions by configuring Preferences. To perform the selected or all conversions, just click "Convert!" To edit the selected text file or play the selected audio file, you can use "View Source" or "Preview".

The Command-Line Edition is designed for advanced users. To learn how to use the Command-Line Edition, see the topic "TextSound Command-Line Edition".

For details about TextSound, click each topic on the left and learn more!

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